The first sock monkey toys evolved around the 1900's in the U.S. They were crafted by mothers for their children in times when money was scarce. They were made famous by the Nelson Knitting Company of Rockford, Illinois in the 1920's who gave out free sock monkey making plans with their red heel socks.
Sock Monkeys are still popular today in modern culture and are featured in many books by the cartoon artist Tony Millionaire.
My favourite sock monkey book is by Arne Svenson and Ron Warren  titled 'Sock Monkeys (200 out of 1,863)' it features 200 black and white sock monkey portraits and is quite amazing.
Here is a sock monkey I have made using these special red heeled socks, I can make them to order in my etsy shop.

Hello pleased to meet you! My name is Dawn or you can call me Sunsetgirl. I have had my shop on since 2006 (link to my shop is on shop page)
I have loved designing and making things for as long as I can remember and I have a background of study in Art and design specialising in textiles and embroidery. I have worked with theatrical costumes and prop making and am an experienced display / window dresser.
I am happily married with a young family and have lived in beautiful north east England for the last 20 years. Creating my sock monkeys allows me to work from home in my attic studio and still be around my lovely family. I hope you like my sock monkey creations and that they make you smile as much as they do me.


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